Oceanside Growing

Here the a post from Union Tribune. I am extremely excited to call Oceanside home and be a part of the exploding culinary scene here.

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Tasting menu

We now offer a vegetarian option on the 7 course chefs tasting menu. Same price of $65/person.

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Write Ups from 2016

Here is are the links to all the the press and exposure that came for 608 this year. We appreciate all the the continued love and support and will keep on striving to make ourselves better and keep cooking new and exciting food!
608 ~ Oceanside

608 – Setting a New Standard for Oceanside Dining

Restaurant Review: 608 in Oceanside

WORLD FARE: A young gun fires at 608 Restaurant

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Farm To Fork Week

We are participating in the first annual Farm to Fork week this year. We will be offering a 3 course meal for $25.

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Menu Changes

We are all set for our next installation for menu changes here at 608. That being said we are also slightly raising the prices across the board, but will increase the portion size of the beet salad to compensate for its price change. Lobster tacos will be a lunch menu item only, however there will still be a butter poached lobster tail on the dinner menu. We will also finally add a steak other than our short rib on full time, rather than a once a month special item.

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Finally, a chocolate dessert is back

After spending quite some time without a chocolate dessert being on the menu, We have started to test a new chocolate dessert. There have been a lot of changes recently in the kitchen, and this should be the final change for at least a month or two. Once we get settled, expect to see the menu change more often, and have things slowly start to come off, and new stuff come in. We feel it will be necessary to change the menu as often as possible in order to keep not only our regular guests happy, but to keep things feeling fresh and keep our staff learning.

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New Menu and Food Waste

We decided to change the menu on 9/1, which to some may seem early for a new restaurant to change their menu so soon. We feel that with the menu being so small, we need to change often, not just with the seasons, in order to keep things fresh for our regular guests. In the future changes may be smaller, maybe 1 or 2 dishes at a time, but this one we changed quite a few items as well as adding 1 or 2 more options.

Also, about a week and a half ago I attended a food waste seminar in order to try to see what we could do better in the kitchen, and restaurant as a whole to reduce waste, and try..

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Feast Oceanside 07/27/2016

If you missed it, we were at Feast at the Old San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside yesterday. Many other Oceanside restaurants were there as well. It was a great turn out, and great to meet a lot of new people as well as see some familiar faces. We decided to be the odd balls out, and brought Frog Legs with us that we braised in coconut milk, and then grilled. We also went out and picked a bunch of wild plants and made them into a curry sauce. The product turned out quite well seeing as it was our first time utilizing frogs. For the people that were brave enough to try them, they enjoyed them..

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Fall Menu

For those that keep coming in, we appreciate you very much. We feel that we, the kitchen staff and myself, have become comfortable with the dishes we have been making. Given that the menu is on the small side, I will be changing it most likely mid to the end of September. Lunch will feature more lunch style items, for example, a couple new sandwiches may appear, while other things will become available for dinner only. Dinner menu will become slightly more refined in its appearance and execution from a kitchen stand point, while still on the slightly familiar side for the guest. Don’t..

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